The entire nation of North Korea has been destroyed after President Kim Jong-Un accidentally ordered the test of a nuclear bomb that was too powerful.

According to reports from the scene, Jong-Un was heard shouting ‘ah borrucks’ after he realised that his flagship Greatbigdong III nuclear weapon was ‘a bit too lairy’ after it detonated early on Sunday morning in the Asian nation.

The alarm was first raised in the South Korean capital Pyongyang after scientists detected an earthquake measuring 154 on the Richter scale.

A source from the North’s Fapfap news agency said: ‘Our glorious leader is delighted with the outcome of the latest nuclear weapon test that will send a clear message to the imperialist pig dogs who are looking to threaten our great nation.’

‘On this occasion, that message is ‘don’t bother, there’s nothing left to nuke. A few tins of Whiskas maybe, but that’s it.’

‘Our scientists managed to develop the most powerful nuclear weapon ever seen on this planet, and unfortunately the only way to test it was to detonate it somewhere where it wouldn’t get us in the shit.’

‘On the plus side, it was pretty spectacular and we know it works now.’

‘Delivering it over a long distance may be a bit tricky as it will need to be attached to a missile the size of Hong Kong, but our Glorious Leader has already sketched some ideas for us.’

It is now thought that reunification is unlikely in the region as there are many people in South Korea who just don’t fancy it.