The Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea has today launched a Facebook page so that the general public can get the very latest developments about the nation’s emerging nuclear weapons programme.

Glorious Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Nuclear Weapons Dept. promises to give regular updates about the nuclear weapons programme in the country to try and ‘dispel the myths’ that surround the project.

A statement from the page’s editor said: ‘With blessing of our Dear Leader Kim Jong-un, we are delighted to announce that our brand new Facebook page is open.’

‘We will be offering our followers chance to see the latest photos right from inside our nuclear weapons development facility, with Q&A sessions and competitions to win some amazing merchandise and other ‘money can’t buy’ prizes.’

‘We have also invited every United Nations employee who is on Facebook to like the page so that there can be some transparency and no need for sanction.’

‘Their inspectors can also use Facebook Messenger to ask us questions directly if phone is engaged.’

A spokesperson for Donald Trump said that the President was ‘happy’ about the new page.

He said: ‘The President would have preferred a Twitter account instead, but he appreciates that nuclear weapons can be quite difficult to describe in 140 characters or less.’

We tried sending the page a message earlier today, but an auto-reply said: ‘Thank you for message our page. Webmaster has pair of very thick gloves and lead goggles on at moment and cannot reply, but please wait for response soon.’