With a Donald Trump Presidential election victory looking more and more likely, Mr Trump has confirmed in a statement that the whole thing ‘wasn’t rigged.’

He said: ‘Of course it wasn’t rigged! That’s a ridiculous thing to say and I seem to have been misquoted once again by the left-wing liberal press.’

‘What I actually said was the election was ‘digged’ – I was trying to say that the whole process was liked by a huge amount of people.’

‘I have no idea why everyone is accusing me of saying that the process is riddled with ‘electoral fraud.’ 

‘I remember giving an interview about my French bodybuilding friend whom I refer to as ‘Pectoral Claude,’ but I have never made any allegations about the voting system being crooked.’

‘There is nothing underhand about the whole process whatsoever. The only genuine conclusion to draw here is that the people of the USA are really that fucking stupid.’

In a late development, the President of Mexico and the Prime Minister of Canada have released a joint statement confirming that they will shortly begin construction of walls along their own borders with the United States.

The brief declaration issued by PM Jean Arbre and President Paso El Enchilada said: ‘The prospect of any of these people entering our nations is genuinely fucking terrifying.’

‘We are naturally concerned that anyone stupid enough to vote a misogynist pumpkin into office could do real harm outside of their own nation’s borders, and therefore we both aim to have our 50ft-high walls finished within the week.’