Our regular readers will know that there are occasions when Southend News Network’s Chief Reporter is effectively forced to make an official statement for legal reasons or other circumstances of an incredibly serious nature. Although the tone of SNN is well-known by now, our increased popularity means that we have to occasionally steer away from satire or spoof material and make certain facts perfectly clear, and a situation has arisen today that requires some clarification. 

It was brought to our attention earlier today that some posters were illegally put up at a Leigh Art Trail location with the words ‘LEIGH FART TRAIL’ emblazoned all over them, along with an illustration that could cause offence. We obtained an image and shared it, as we would be expected to, but shortly afterwards an email was received that accused us of being responsible for ‘outright vandalism.’ We are currently asking our legal team (we do have one!) to look over this email, and we have acted upon their advice and removed the Facebook post. We are now aware that the email has come from an official source, and our solicitors have replied to give this individual an opportunity to retract their allegations. In the event that this does not happen within 72 hours, we will take whatever legal action is necessary to protect Southend News Network and ensure that we can carry on publishing content to our core audience. 

While we admit that we have published a spoof story recently about the Leigh Art Trail, and also that our Southend tribute song makes  negative comments about Leigh as a town, we can CATEGORICALLY state that we would never act in a manner that could lead to our service closing down – outright and illegal vandalism is one of these actions.