Earlier today, Southend News Network published a story about Southend Hospital and Pathology First – the latter being an organisation who deal with the hospital’s blood test analysis and other similar services. Our story gave the impression that there was some sort of link between this organisation and Britain First – a far-right political organisation. Naturally, this story was intended as satire/spoof/whatever, but as a result of a request from Southend Hospital we have taken it down. They pointed out that it may have a negative impact on staff who work in this particular department, and so we were happy to comply with their request. The last thing that the NHS should be spending money on is hiring lawyers to sue the Chief Reporter’s ass when it could be better spent on delivering healthcare – a mad thought for Mr Hunt and co.

We should also point out at this stage that it was one of the most polite and professional ‘TAKE THIS STORY DOWN’ requests that we have ever received – there have been A LOT of these as you can imagine. A few other local organisations could take note of their grace and understanding in this matter.

Anyway, back to pissing off Waitrose …….