Earlier today, Southend News Network published a news story stating that a mistake had been made when booking 43% of the original members of S Club 7 to appear at the Christmas lights switch-on, and that a German trance group called Sclüb had been booked in their place. Due to an oversight within our fact checking processes, it has now emerged that this was in fact a complete fabrication, and we would at this stage like to make it perfectly clear that three of the original members of S Club 7 will be performing at the event.

We have been forced to take this action due to a threat of legal proceedings that we received earlier this evening – this can be viewed below in the interests of transparency, with details removed to protect the identity of the individual who made the complaint. Although we will not be publishing the accompanying email, the comment below was posted on the original news story, and therefore it was intended for public consumption.

Legal Action

At Southend News Network, we accept that a mistake has been made, and we also accept that any reader with Internet access would have been able to look on Google and verify whether or not Sclüb were a real group. With 3,027 likes on Facebook, we are aware that our reckless posting in this instance could have resulted in a number of people not attending the event in Rochford to see the lights being switched on, with a further consequence being a loss of revenue for all parties operating within the event.

Furthermore, we would also like to take this opportunity to make a sincere apology to Jo, Tina and Bradley of S Club 7 for any upset or anxiety that our news report may have caused. If there has been any knock-on offence for Paul, Rachel, Hannah and Jon, we would like to offer a knock-on apology for that too. It was never our intention to create any sort of upset for performers who are undoubtedly amongst the jewels in the crown of Britain’s popular music heritage.

If any further clarification is required about our legal position in this matter, please contact in the first instance, or indeed any other instance.

Chief Reporter