There has been a great deal of anger and outrage after Marks and Spencer used an unaccompanied child migrant in their latest Christmas advert on TV.

It has been reported that thousands of viewers have complained to Ofcom to say that the choice of casting ‘isn’t compatible with British and Christian values.’

One Facebook user said: ‘It’s disgusting. People seem to forget that Christmas is a Christian festival and that Britain is a Christian country.’

‘Also, I have done some investigating about the so-called ‘child’ in the advert, and he is actually 58 and comes from Peru.’

‘As far as I am aware, there is no danger to his life back in his native country, so what he is doing appearing in a Marks and Spencer commercial I’ll never know.’

‘All they have over there is cocoa powder and panpipes – it’s hardly bloody Aleppo is it?’

‘It’s a disgrace.’

The is scandal comes at a time when there is also a large amount of negativity about Tesco’s decision to use a Muslim family in their Christmas advert.

A group of women with headscarves are shown exchanging gifts and actively taking part in an attempt to integrate themselves into British society, and one viewer said that it was ‘outrageous and possibly illegal.’

He added: ‘It’s political correctness gone mad. I for one, or possibly even two because I feel so strongly about this, will not shop in Tesco anymore.’

‘I will not have Islam rammed down my throat, or in this case Christmas. Ah bollocks what was I saying again?’