After Lucie Jones was chosen to represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest with Never Give Up On You, it has emerged that the entire song is a ‘passionate plea’ for Brexit to be stopped. 

A source confirmed that the song’s original title of ‘Never Give Up On EU’ was changed at the last minute due to ‘concerns over subtlety.’

Pro-Brexit campaigners have vowed to campaign for the decision to be reversed in favour of a non-political tune.

James Dongleton of the campaign group Leave.Now said: ‘This is yet another attempt by the lefty BBC to block the will of the people in an incredibly underhand manner.’

‘If you listen to the lyrics closely, you’ll realise just how disgraceful this all is. ‘Don’t let go when you’re so close’ and ‘Just give me your hand and hold on. Together we’ll dance through this storm.’

‘They might as well just say ‘Please don’t leave the EU let’s all just join our hands together and go ‘la la la’ and pretend that everything will be OK for ever and ever with fluffy kittens and rivers of chocolate.’

‘The whole thing just makes me sick.’

A spokesperson for the BBC told our Chief Reporter that there was ‘no political message in the tune whatsoever.’

He added: ‘It doesn’t even make sense. ‘EU’ is pronounced as two syllables – it sounds nothing like ‘you’ or even ‘oo.’

‘Having said this, if we do win the contest it is a clear sign that Britain’s future outside of the EU should be reconsidered.’