Residents and business owners in Rayleigh, Essex have been describing their outrage to Southend News Network after an anti-Semitic sign appeared on a car showroom close to the A127 and Rayleigh Weir.

According to witnesses, the illuminated showroom sign poked fun at the way that a Jewish person may throw their arms in the air to express shock, amazement or distress, while simultaneously saying ‘oy.’

One local member of the Jewish community told our Chief Reporter that he has been left ‘shaking with rage’ at the incident.

Phil Tefish added: ‘So apparently it is now OK to poke fun and make light of a very Jewish habit. You wouldn’t see a shop sticking up the word ‘Allah’ with an exclamation mark after it, or a chocolate shop with the phrase ‘Sweet Jesus’ plastered all over the front.’

‘It’s one rule for them, and another rule for everyone else. It’s a disgrace, and I won’t be buying my cars from them in the future.’

No comment has been received by the showroom in question, which is mainly because we haven’t asked anyone who works there.

The shocking incident comes the day after a ‘Beware of the Jews’ sign appeared close to a synagogue in Stamford Hill, an area of North London with a large Jewish population.

beware of the jews

Also, there is another ongoing court case that was launched by a group of ten Italians living in Wapping, East London – they feel that the name of the area is ‘culturally insensitive.’

A number of people will be watching this case with interest, especially because a man in Suffolk has taken action against a hospital over a ‘racist sign’ that appeared a few months ago.

Derek Malcolm, standing next to the sign that he feels is both 'racist and discriminatory' against black people.
Derek Malcolm, standing next to the sign that he feels is both ‘racist and discriminatory’ against black people.

Derek Malcolm is accusing the NHS trust of ‘both racism and cultural insensitivity’ as the sign says that the hospital is ‘smoke free.’ He feels that this is giving the impression that black people are not welcome there because of their use of the word ‘smoke.’

Another ongoing action by a Mexican cleaner living in London could also affect the outcome of other cases. An unnamed complainant is suing his employer for using the name ‘Spick and Span Cleaning.’