A spokesperson for the BBC has confirmed that there will be an immediate investigation after a report revealed that Gordon The Gopher is still earning £600,000 per year plus an All Zone London Travelcard.

He declined to comment about why the lovable squeaking animal is still on the corporation’s payroll even though he retired in 1995.

However, a source confirmed that the huge salary is still being paid as part of a legal settlement that was drawn up after Gordon was involved in a broom cupboard accident in the workplace.

He said: ‘Andi Peters was running late for a broadcast one day and he just barged into the broom cupboard without looking where he was going.’

‘Suddenly, he heard a painful squeal from the floor and Gordon was pretty much splatted underneath one of his Doc Martins.’

‘He spent nine months in a local veterinary hospital but after a number of surgeries he was told that he would never be able to work again.’

‘Naturally the BBC didn’t want the negative publicity at the time of the accident, so they agreed to keep it a secret and keep paying his salary until the time of his death.’

‘It is a huge waste of licence payers’ money, but this latest revelation will certainly upset other lower-earning BBC talent who also just sit behind a desk and squeak, like Graham Norton.’

Another famous TV puppet from the 1980’s, who didn’t want to be named, told Southend News Network that Gordon’s high salary was commonplace at the time.

He said: ‘Over on ITV all I got for my time was the occasional pink handbag and weekly speech therapy sessions, but they forced me to share a bed with a large bear and a yellow prick who wouldn’t shut the fuck up.’