A spokesperson for the Washington DC Police Department has confirmed that ‘all available personnel’ are currently tracking down a lone gunman who has been shooting at locations around the city. 

In spite of heightened security ahead of President Trump’s inauguration ceremony on Friday, reports have emerged of six separate shooting incidents, and a number of other disturbances have been blamed on the individual. 

WDCPD Chief of Police Chuck Balls gave a detailed press conference on Thursday evening. 

He said: ‘The alarm was first raised earlier when a brief electrical storm was reported on the outskirts of the city, and for reasons that are currently unknown a naked male was spotted calmly walking away from the scene.’

‘Around ten minutes later, we received a call to say that there had been a major disturbance at a well-known biker bar along the road from the first incident, where a male customer was robbed of his clothing.’

‘A motorbike was also reported missing from the parking lot.’

‘Witnesses have since positively identified that suspect at a number of locations around the city. One report stated that he was observed looking through a phone directory.’

Police Chief Balls was asked if he thought that the gunman may be trying to find the president-elect. 

He replied: ‘We are unsure of his motives at the present time. There is some confusion regarding plot lines.’

‘We have deployed a number of robotic devices to try and disarm the gunman, but for some reason they keep malfunctioning and start doing their own thing.’