The headteacher of a primary school in Southend, Essex has apologised after an entire class of six year old children were given a set of sexually explicit spellings to learn by mistake.

A number of parents at Prittlebrook Primary Academy raised the alarm on the first day of term after the sheet was sent home, but according to one of them the children were forced to sit through the test because the teaching assistant didn’t have time to issue a new set.

The sheet that was given to 28 six-year-old children on the first day of term.

One parent said: ‘I had to do a double-take when I saw the sheet for the first time. Week 1 was a load of different animals, and Week 3 was a load of different vehicles.’

‘However, Week 2 was a collection of ten words that I can only describe as borderline pornographic. What sort of idiot thinks that it is acceptable for a 6-year-old child to learn words like ‘bellend’ and ‘felch.’

A source in the school said: ‘As the teacher was reading out the spellings on the second Friday of term, she could barely contain her embarrassment – especially when one little girl raised her arm and said that she loved jizz, and especially anything by Louis Armstrong.’

In a statement, headteacher Dr Miriam Mentos said: ‘I would like to apologise sincerely for any upset that this has caused to children and their parents.’

‘It would appear that our Polish teaching assistant made an honest mistake when compiling the spellings for the first three weeks of term – she was unfamiliar with the sexual interpretation of the words that were thrown up by our random vocabulary software.’

‘Because staff time is allocated in a very precise manner, it was simply impossible for the words to be changed and the spelling test had to go ahead – this is why their class teacher was forced to read out all of the offending terms.’