Southend Library’s boss has appealed for calm after a book with an alleged ‘racist cover’ appeared on the shelves. 

Lionel Bibb told Southend News Network that Jeffrey Brown’s Kids Are Weird will not be withdrawn, although he admits that the cover could cause offence. 

He said: ‘It is unfortunate that the side of the book reads ‘Brown Kids Are Weird,’ but there isn’t much that we can do about that.’

‘I must also state very clearly that physical threats of violence against myself and members of staff will not be tolerated. There have been three incidents this week where a member of the public has overstepped the mark.’

Stacey Dipshil is the Southend Co-Ordinator of Less Hate, More Love, and she told Southend News Network that the library is ‘acting disgracefully.’

She said: ‘We all know that there is a hidden message here. Everyone just thinks that it is a harmless book about the funnier side of parenting and this is wrong.’

‘I find it abhorrent at a time when Muslims have so much to fear in a world with Trump as President and Brexit on the horizon.’

‘Anyone with the surname ‘Black’ or ‘Brown’ has a responsibility to market themselves responsibly – that simply hasn’t happened here and I worry that an impressionable young child will see this book cover and develop racist and bigoted views from such an early age.’

‘Our group believes in peaceful protest until it is clear that our voices are not being heard. After that point, we are prepared to start messing up the sites Dewey Index layout, and if that doesn’t work we will resort to some kind of explosives.’