A spokesperson for Social Services Essex has confirmed that an investigation has been launched after a newborn baby was named MR BLOBBY. 

According to a statement, the parents cannot be identified for legal reasons, but they have said that the baby in question has been issued with a birth certificate that says ‘Mr Blobby’ in the space marked as ‘First Name.’

Their spokesperson added: ‘Shortly after the parents attended their local registry office to register the birth, we received a referral about a name that had the potential to ’cause undue distress to a child in later life.’

‘We doubt that 2026 British children will get the cultural reference to Noel’s House Party, and so he could be taunted for being obese.’

Jemima Dajina is a representative for Unicef in the United Kingdom, and she told Southend News Network that a judge will probably rule that it is a breach of his human rights.

She added: ‘Mr Blobby was a disgraceful example of children’s TV gone wrong.’

‘He spent the best part of the 1990’s just throwing his weight around, and so it’s hard to work out what the parents were thinking.’

‘Do they want their little baby to grow up to be a bully, speaking in incomprehensible tones and just saying the word ‘blobby’ over and over again?’

‘The sooner he is taken into care and given a sensible name like Marcus the better.’

A source close to the parents said that it was a ‘toss up’ between that name, Grab A Grand and Roger Moore.