Southend United manager Phil Brown has admitted that the 3-1 opening day defeat to Gillingham at home was ‘disappointing’ – he confirmed to Southend News Network that his original plan was to win or draw the game. 

Brown said: ‘When you go into a game of football, you come up with a tactical system that will allow you to score more goals than the other team – at the very least you make provision to match their total number of goals and earn a point.’

‘When the other team ends up scoring more goals than you, it is important to analyse the match afterwards to try and come up with a new way of stopping the other team scoring more goals than you in the next game.’

‘In the short team, I have instructed our goalkeeper and defender to try and stop opposing attackers from scoring goals, and I think this will help us in future matches.’

We asked Brown about The Shrimpers’ aims and objectives for the rest of the season.

He said: ‘Our ultimate goal this season is to try and make sure that we score more goals than the other team in the majority of our games.’

‘If we achieve this in more games than the other teams in this league, we will finish in a higher position than if we score less goals than our opponents in the majority of matches.’

‘Today’s game was upsetting for many of our fans, but we promise them that we will try harder to score more goals than the other team if they come back and support us again in the future.’

‘If the score would have been the other way around today, we would have won 3-1 – people need to remember that before they start booing.’