As you may have seen earlier today on our Facebook page, these two elderly (ish) ladies were enjoying a bit of a sit down on a concession stall in The Royals Shopping Centre, Southend, when someone came and told them to move along as they weren’t allowed to sit there. 

Fair enough, there are signs on it saying that they shouldn’t be using it as a bench, but it was hardly the crime of the century! Besides, the provision of seating in The Royals is woefully inadequate, and there was nowhere else for them to sit at the time. 

We originally took the photo as it was going to be a meme about a couple of ‘badasses,’ but just after we took it someone told them to move – it was difficult to tell if they were a member of staff or just a concerned member of the public. 

Anyway, if these stalls can hold a thousand mobile phone covers, eyelash extensions or vaping kits, surely they can withstand the weight of two average-build elderly ladies enjoying a five-minute rest. 

A shopping trip to Southend can be a tiring experience for anyone of any age. Tracksuited hooligans, screaming kids, fundraisers, market researchers, Poundland … 

If you can identify the two ‘hellraisers’ then please let them know that the Chief Reporter would like to treat them to a cup of tea and a piece of cake in any of Southend’s many tea and cake joints to make up for their shopping trip being ruined. 

Even Patisserie Valerie, if they are the Patisserie Valerie type. On the other hand, if you run a local café get in touch and you can play host. 

We can be contacted at or directly through our Facebook page. Even if they don’t have Facebook or Twitter, they must have friends or relatives that do!