Police in Southend have issued an URGENT APPEAL to find two burglars who have also been accused of attacking a child – anyone with any information has been asked to call 101. 

Shortly before 8pm on Friday evening, witnesses described hearing a siginificant amount of noise at an address in North Street which is close to Southend Town Centre.

One neighbour saying that they could clearly make out the sound of two men being hit in the face with a pot of paint.

Police have told Southend News Network that they are still trying to establish why the child’s parents were not at home at the time of the attempted burglary.

Essex Police’s Forensic Site Chief Kelvin McAllisher said: ‘My officers have removed a number of drawing pins from the scene that have been sent to the laboratory for forensic testing.’

‘We were hindered at the crime scene by not being able to enter the property for an hour because the door knob was too hot to handle.’

‘Please look at the photo and let us know if you recognise the attackers.’

CREDIT: Essex Police

In a further development, it has emerged that the child’s father is wanted on drugs charges.

Southend community lead PC Roger Peacie added: ‘Anyone with a house that huge in Southend must be up to something illegal.’

‘My money is on drug dealing or human trafficking, but we have an open mind while our detectives are carrying out their enquiries.’