Police were called to a Saturday Morning ante-natal class in Southend earlier today after a number of calls were made to 999 about a man with a ‘pregnancy fetish’ acting inappropriately towards the ladies who were attending.

The Birthing Experience session at Fairfax Drive Community Centre descended into what witnesses called a ‘war zone’ after a 24-year-old man was accused of a number of offences towards seven different expectant mothers. Unconfirmed reports were also received of one mother who was literally shocked into labour by his actions.

Darren Mezeo was at this morning’s class with his pregnant girlfriend Amelia, and he told Southend News Network’s Chief Reporter that he had never seen anything like it.

He said: ‘There was one couple sitting in the room, and something just didn’t seem quite right about them. The lady was just sitting there looking very uneasy, and her partner kept looking around the room and dribbling occasionally.’

‘Every time the midwife asked him a question, he was finding it very difficult to answer as he was breathing very heavily. He then just jumped up and tried to lick the bump of the lady who was sitting next to him.’

‘When she pushed him away, he ran towards another woman and asked her for something called an ‘egg and spoon’ – I literally have no idea what that is.’

When three of the men in the room jumped on top of him to try and restrain him, his partner leapt towards the door to escape, and when two cushions fell out from under her blouse we all realised that she was a fake.’

Two police officers arrived a few minutes later, and while they were leading him away in handcuffs he shouted that he was ‘available for very reasonably-priced stretch and sweep sessions.’

The suspect’s Facebook page has since been taken down, but according to one of his friends he described himself online as an ‘amateur obstetrician.’

His friend, who didn’t want to be named, also said that he had been posting in a number of local Facebook groups to say that he was offering home-based services for pregnant women. This included an advert to say that although he was only an amateur, he was very keen to get some practical experience before starting a college course.