Members of the public in Southend have been describing their shock today about Southend having a Library after a man was murdered on Saturday in Southend Library. 

According to police reports, a 45-year-old man was bludgeoned to death by an old age pensioner with an atlas after a heated debate about the Dewey System.

Michelle Garridge witnessed the police corden around the library earlier today, and she said: ‘Oh that’s what that big building is. I thought it was an office or something.’

‘The kids talk about having one at school actually as well but smaller. I hope nobody gets murdered in their one.’

However, the news hasn’t come as a shock to 53-year-old singleton Mark Purvess.

He said: ‘Well of course Southend has a library. Where else am I supposed to go when I want to masturbate furiously?’