The Minister for Racial Equality Jeremiah Shayss-Longe has revealed an updated design for the Union Jack flag that reflects ‘the racial and cultural diversity of the United Kingdom.’

The new flag will begin a trial period of government buildings and civic facilities in March 2018, before a final decision is made the following Summer.

Speaking to Southend News Network, he said that the flag would ‘give Brexit Britain a fresh identity as it moves forward for a brighter future of inclusive inclusion for all.’

He added: ‘In out department, we have spent the last twelve months asking ourselves exactly how the dated and traditionalist Union Jack flag could be updated to truly reflect the racial and cultural make-up of the United Kingdom.’

‘This £30m project has seen a number of experts get involved from all over the world, and we found that the simplest change would be the most effective leading up to Brexit.’

‘While one corner of the flag has been left white, we are delighted to present the world with different tones in other areas to give a better cross-section of British society, and these new design features will allow the United Kingdom to come together and present a united front as we take on the world from a position of strength.’

‘We have also been invited to give a presentation to a US delegation where we will suggest a similar graduated colour adjustment to the white stars on the US flag.’

The new flag design has been praised by a number of groups in Britain, with members of the campaign group Equal Equality For All calling it ‘a pivotal moment in the history of the United Kingdom.’

In a late development, the majority of British county and local councils have signed a provisional agreement to waive the standard £110 fine for households displaying a Union Jack when they use this new design.