Sex robots have been in the news an awful lot in the last few months, so we asked our lifestyle reporter Jonathan Cinque to test drive one of the latest models that can be ordered from China to see what all the fuss is about. 

‘I’ve seen a lot of photos of sex robots lately, but this one didn’t look anywhere near as realistic as some others that have appeared in the news.’

‘To be fair, at first glance it didn’t really ‘do a lot’ for more, but anyway I decided to persevere and after a few minutes reading the instructions I was ready to go.’

‘The biggest problem was the lack of a visible and obvious point of entry.’

‘Shortly after she booted up, her mechanical eyebrows raised a little and she turned to me and just said ‘input’ – I assumed that this meant that she was ready for action which surprised me a little as I would have expected it to demand some foreplay to make it a more realistic experience.’

‘This is where I encountered another problem. She kept demanding ‘input’ but I couldn’t figure out where I was supposed to provide it.’

‘There was no visible or obvious point of entry, and her legs were more like the tracks that you would find on a tank.’

‘I found this to be entirely impractical.’

‘In the end I just gave up after ten minutes of frustration and knocked one out manually instead, so actually it was pretty authentic on a personal level.’

‘Overall I would give it three out of ten as there are a lot of issues that need to be ironed out before they release the next version.’

‘The software clearly needs a lot of attention as after a while it just kept saying ‘Stephanie’ over and over again, and I found this very off-putting.’