This garage owner has caused a HUGE STIR in Rochford.

Equal opportunities and employment rights groups were outraged today after a job advertisement for a receptionist appeared on Gumtree stating that female applicants should include their BRA SIZE on an application. According to the owner of Cupp Motors on the Roche Mouth Industrial Estate, no employment rules are being broken as he has a legitimate reason for knowing any potential female employee’s bra size in advance of an interview.

Gumtree Advert

Barry Cupp explained: ‘We have a small but dedicated workforce of male mechanics here, and naturally their work rate declines by 35% whenever a well-endowed female is on the premises. Therefore, any secretary that works here will need to be ‘average or less’ in that area. If a stripping agency can advertise for men with six-packs and a suitable ‘girth’, there is no reason why we can’t be specific in this job listing.’

He continued: ‘We are not breaking any employment laws here as I am more than prepared to employ any female candidate who has the right set of skills for the job – it’s just that for operational reasons, women of larger cup sizes may need to take more of back office role with myself and the other garage directors.’

Mr Cupp’s lawyer also pointed out that no laws were being broken here. He said: ‘The Equal Opportunities In Employment Act clearly states that businesses are exempt from equal opportunities laws when there is a legitimate operational need for a certain type of candidate. Ever seen an advert looking for a male wet nurse? Case closed!’

Head Mechanic Stuart Phealem added: ‘I can understand why Barry needs to know about this sort of thing upfront. We had a temporary postal worker last year who was pretty sizeable up top, and our work experience guy got distracted and confused engine oil with a can of Vimto when she walked in. It cost the firm nearly £2000 in repairs, and the poor guy is still unable to play his saxophone properly.’