A spokesperson for the Football Association has confirmed that England manager Roy Hodgson has resigned after his team were knocked out of Euro 2016 by Iceland. Speaking shortly after the 2-1 defeat, Hodgson said that his position had become untenable as a result of the early exit, and he also confirmed that the will of the England fan base had to be respected.

Hodgson said: ‘I always promised the board that I would resign from my post if the team didn’t fulfil their potential at this tournament, and as far as I am concerned this was my last job in the world of football. I feel that my career in the sport has now come to its natural conclusion, and while I intend to retire I am also going to be free to pursue a new career acting in TV adverts. I have already signed up with a number of agencies that deal with those commercials about life cover for the over 60’s – you know the sort where you get a free Parker pen just for enquiring, and then a 12″ Freeview TV or £30 to spend in Marks and Spencer when you sign up for a full policy.’

He added: ‘As the match went on this evening, I started to feel that the time was right to retire from the beautiful game. At one stage, I could hear a rambling and senile voice in my head that wasn’t making an awful lot of sense – it turned out I was wearing an earpiece that was broadcasting Glenn Hoddle’s analysis on ITV.’