Will delivering YOUR mail to the wrong address help to bring you and your neighbours together?

It has emerged this evening that after months of negotiations between Royal Mail bosses and government ministers, the UK’s main postal service will continue to deliver post randomly to incorrect addresses to bring members of the community together. According to an official document that has been seen by Southend News Network investigators, postmen and postwomen will soon be under strict instructions to deliver 10% of all post to an address that is ‘slightly different’ to the one on the piece of mail so that neighbours are effectively forced to go and speak to other nearby residents. It is hoped that the move will help to eradicate the ‘culture of fear’ that exists between neighbouring properties in many areas of the UK.

We managed to speak directly to a junior government minister who has been involved in the negotiations, and he said: ‘It has never been more important to promote a sense of togetherness in every community within the UK, and our initial trial in partnership with Royal Mail to deliver post to the wrong address has been a huge success so far. On average, more than 20,000 people per day are having to go and take mail to their next door neighbours or just simply go and ask for that vital bank statement or seed catalogue – these small interactions will lead to lifelong friendships. The mistakes only have to be minor, such as disregarding the ‘a’ in a house number, or alternatively postal workers will be empowered to just completely disregard the house number altogether.’

Our source added: ‘We will closely monitor this partnership with Royal Mail, and we are already holding talks about dropping customers’ mail into properties that are around 1000 yards away to get Britain moving again. If you are forced to walk a few blocks to go and retrieve your mail or drop somebody else’s into the right letterbox, this will be valuable exercise to help maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.’

In a late development, we can also reveal that a number of courier companies have been approached by the same government department, and some trials have already seen parcels being left on roofs or deep within bushes so that people have to become ‘physically active’ to retrieve them.



  1. I scared the postman today by showing up to the door completely naked.

    I.m not sure what scared him more, the fact that I was naked, or that I knew where he lived.