A spokesperson for the World Official Olympics Federation has confirmed this afternoon that the Russian female bobsleigh champion Borissa Bitaspoonski has been forced to withdraw from the 2018 Winter Olympic Games with a ruptured penis. 

According to a press release on Monday morning, the National Athletics Consortium of Russia confirmed that Ms Bitaspoonski would not be competing in Pyeongchang due to the ‘serious injury.’

Vitaly Zherkemov, a spokesperson for the Russian team spoke to Southend News Network earlier today.

He said: ‘Borissa had been in the final stages of her vigorous training regime before getting on the plane to South Korea. The horrible injury occurred yesterday.’

‘She was perfecting her form in a 1700kg snatch lift as part of her preparations, when she fell to the floor and screamed in pain.’

‘Our site doctor assessed her shortly afterwards and found that her groin area had sustained an awful amount of damage.’

‘We wish her a speedy recovery.’