A spokesperson for the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has confirmed that for the first time in the country’s history, women will be allowed to drive cars as long as a number of ‘strict guidelines’ are adhered to.

According to Faisal Al-Zhafavah, who was addressing an assembly of the United Nations on the matter before launching into a self-initiated round of applause, women will be permitted to drive cars on all Saudi roads provided that their vehicles are covered with a specially adapted burka at all times.

He added that it may be advisable to ask a man to walk slowly in front of the car to avoid any accidents.

Mr Al-Zhafavah added: ‘We are determined to show the world that as a nation, Saudi Arabia is now thinking very much in terms of the 21st Century.’

‘For example, to go alongside the new law permitting females to drive a car, we are also about to introduce revolutionary legislation that will allow them to respectfully decline intercourse with a member of the opposite sex, provided that they can justify their reasons for doing so in front of a Blocking of Cock Panel at the Ministry of Justice in Riyadh.’

‘The car burka has been designed to allow the driver enough of a field of vision to operate a car safely, but if this is going to be an issue for individual female motorists then police will allow a man to walk slowly in front of the car to provide guidance.’

‘As long as the driver remains ten metres behind their male guide at all times, this will be fully compliant with the current law.’

According to sources within the Saudi government, the idea of allowing women to drive has been introduced after a successful trial on Canvey Island in South Essex.

The small peninsular near Benfleet recently declared itself an Islamic Caliphate to express a number of grievances with the local council.