A secondary school in Southend On Sea, Essex, has announced that all boys will be forced to wear skirts for the first week of the new term for their first-ever GENDER AWARENESS WEEK.

According to Dr Clive Rimwade, the headteacher of Westbourne Grove Academy, a mixed-sex school with 680 pupils aged between 11 and 16, the ‘groundbreaking’ idea will make huge strides towards both gender equality and gender awareness.

Dr Rimwade added: ‘We live in a time when gender issues and the subject of gender choice have become incredibly high-profile, and so at Westbourne Grove Academy we have decided to make a stand.’

A reminder text message sent to all parents at the school

‘For the first week of the 2017-2018 academic year, we have introduced a temporary school rule that means that all boys will be required to wear skirts – this is only fair as girls have been allowed to wear trousers for as long as I can remember.’

‘By having the whole collection of male pupils wearing skirts at the same time, it will reduce the possibility of ridicule, and more importantly we will be opening their eyes to a simple choice.’

‘For five days, we are reinforcing the idea that it is absolutely fine to wear a skirt to school, and should they decide to carry on doing so then that is absolutely fine as well.’

‘Any boys who choose not to wear a skirt will not be sent home from school, but they may be placed in isolation or a special classroom session where they will have time to reflect upon the importance of gender fluidity.’

Jemimah Wingnut is the South Essex spokesperson for Equal Equality Now, the pressure group that worked closely with the school to develop the idea, and she told our Chief Reporter that this was a ‘momentous step on the ladder towards equal equality.’

She added: ‘Gender identification is all about choice, but unfortunately from time to time that choice needs to be forced upon people so that they realise that they have the right to choose.’

‘Our counsellors will be on site at the school throughout the whole week to provide emotional and practical assistance.’

Darren Parker has a son in Year Eight at the school, and in a post on Facebook he confirmed that the week-long initiative was causing ‘a lot of distress’ amongst parents.

He said: ‘My boy has laddered eleven pairs of tights already over the summer, and he is worried about showing too much leg as apparently getting sexually aroused by leg hair is a ‘thing’ now.’