Scientists and experts from the world of technology have admitted that they are ‘stunned and baffled’ after a 35-year-old man from Southend managed to get a ‘reasonable’ wireless signal while standing 30cm away from his BT Home Hub. 

Malcolm Di Enness, a graphical designer who lives in Fairfax Drive, said that the discovery will revolutionise the way that he access the Internet. 

He said: ‘Because our phone socket is in the dumbest place imaginable, my BT Home Hub has to sit in the corner of our living room, under a coffee table and a rubber plant.’

‘To get a wireless signal, I usually have to crouch down on all fours, huddle up close to my BT Home Hub and start muttering a Sanskrit chant with the occasional bit of humming.’

‘However, I was standing a ruler’s length away from my hub this morning, when all of a sudden my 4G symbol turned into a little WiFi one.’

‘I must have passed out with shock as the next thing I remember was waking up in a puddle of cold sweat.’

‘I quickly rearranged my entire lounge so that I could move a soft into the new wireless hot spot, and I am now delighted to be able to say that I have a truly 21st Century home.’

A few moments later. Mr Di Enness lost his wireless signal when his neighbour switched his Home Hub back on, along with the other 68 people in his Barratts new build block who all subscribe to BT Infinity.

A spokesperson from BT spoked: ‘The new BT Home Hub is perfect for the busy working families of Southend in a number of ways.’

‘Its new bone-permeating Wireless Buzz Nano Tetrapak Nug Interface means that up to 280 different devices in the home can all be online at the same time.’

‘This is perfect when your 2-year-old needs to use his iPad while you are on Facebook and streaming The Jeremy Kyle Show.’