Customers of Next in Basildon have been expressing their outrage after the store on the Mayflower Trading Estate introduced a Womens Cash Desk due to a number of female customers being ‘disgracefully harassed’ by men in the store while queuing up to pay. According to a local retail expert, having a till area just for women is a ‘brave’ move for the company, but a number of people have accused the store of ‘outrageous sexism’ and a demonstration has been planned for this weekend. 

An inside source at Next spoke to our Chief Reporter. He said: ‘We have a major problem in our Basildon store with the number of unbelievably attractive ladies who shop there, and the checkout area has become a nightmare in the last few months. When you have so many beautiful girls all in a line, there will always be some men who just can’t control themselves – last weekend we had a guy who asked the girl in front for her phone number and said that she ‘looked amazing.’ This sort of harassment isn’t something that we are prepared to put up with any longer, and so this is why we have now set up a checkout area where men are not allowed to enter.’

He continued: ‘Two members of security will be positioned by the Womens Cash Desk at all times, and any male customer who tries to use it will be ejected from the store immediately without their purchases. There are plenty of alternative tills available for men to use – these are now clearly signposted as ‘Unisex Cash Desks.’

However, in a late development this afternoon, it has emerged that a harassment incident took place at the Womens Cash Desk. According to a witness at the scene, a female customer in the queue turned around and stared directly at the chest of the woman behind her, and unconfirmed reports state that she raised her voice and said ‘Cor you don’t get many of them to the pound do ya?’ We contacted our source for a comment, and he said that management are currently investigating their legal right to establish a Heterosexual Womens Cash Desk next to the Womens Cash Desk.


  1. ‘Cor you don’t get many of them to the pound do ya?’

    Since the government’s reversal on the restriction of non-metric weights and measures I struggle to see why all the fuss.

    The unisex queues are so much better when there is attractive trim gentlemen in front with tight trousers.