A shocking investigation has revealed that more than TEN MILLION DOGS are killed every year to make PlayStation controllers. 

According to undercover footage that has been obtained by Southend News Network, the mini-joysticks on all controller models since 2011 have been manufactured using the nose skin from a range of dog breeds due to its ‘natural, faux-rubber texture.’

Our source said: ‘The level of cruelty involved for the sake of a ‘perfect’ gaming product is truly disgusting.’

‘When this practice first started six years ago, the dogs were usually fitted with a prosthetic nose to compensate for their loss, but it soon became clear that profits were more important.’

‘Big console launches exposed the dark underbelly of the gaming industry. For instance, the launch of the PS4 led to teams of employees riding around the streets of Tokyo and stealing dogs from people walking their beloved pets.’

‘There were a handful of occasions where owners would be offered a copy of Call of Duty in return, but most of the time there would just be a guy waving a cheeseburger from the back of a van.’

‘People with larger dogs often have to reinforce outdoor kennels as a precaution. The average Great Dane has enough nose skin to produce at least eight controllers.’

A spokesperson for PETA confirmed that he was ‘outraged’ at the investigation’s findings. 

He said: ‘We have not been as disgusted since it became clear that 58% of Britain’s kebab shops use elephant legs for doner meat.’

‘All of the major video game manufacturers signed an agreement in 2005 to only use vegan ingredients and components, and this includes using dog noses to make gaming controllers.’