A shocking investigation by Southend News Network has revealed that around 2% of the revenue from kosher meat sales in the United Kingdom is indirectly funding the ageing American singer Neil Diamond. 

Far-right groups in Britain have already promised a ‘day of protest’ about the discovery, which will include an organised boycott of anywhere known to be selling gefilte fish and pickled herring.

According to our researchers, the so called ‘Diamond Tax’ has allowed the crooner to become one of the biggest-selling US artists in the country.

A anonymous source said: ‘If people really knew where their money was going, they may be surprised.’

‘We caught one bagel bakery owner wandering around HMV filling a basket with Neil Diamond albums – he even had a couple of Barbara Streisand compilations in there as well.’

‘Based upon our original observations, we would say that these were paid for with proceeds from his shop, either directly or otherwise.’

Dave Teethgrunt is the Southend Divisional Leader of the group Essex First, and he told Southend News Network that his members were ‘disgusted.’

He added: ‘Only in politically correct Britain could people get away with this, and it’s time for action.’

‘We’ve organised a rally for next week and we will let everyone know the location at the last minute.’

‘Members across the county are also going to be writing to their local MP once they have successfully looked up the proper spelling of words like ‘outrageous’ and ‘identity.’

A spokesperson for Neil Diamond told our Newsdesk that the singer was one of many prominent Jewish artists on the scene.

He added: ‘Mr Diamond is by no means the solitary man in this field.’