Members of the public are being urged to commit to 31 days of heavy drinking throughout October to raise both money and awareness for cancer or whatever. 

BLOTTOBER is all about drinking alcohol daily until you can’t feel feelings anymore, and the best thing is that you can still be a dick about it on Facebook and post every ten minutes.

Kevin Hashem-Tagg is chief executive of BLOTTOBER, and he told Southend News Network that the initiative is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to give up alcohol but still feels the need to disappear up their own backside about it.

He said: ‘I got the idea when I was watching all of my friends who managed to give up alcohol for a month and I thought ‘wow, that must have been the bravest and most difficult thing that you have ever done.’

‘This is where we spotted a gap in the market. BLOTTOBER is all about consuming a huge volume of alcohol in order to help causes that have absolutely nothing to do with alcohol.’

‘Combine it with regular visits to your local independent pub and you will be providing a massive boost to the local economy as well.’

‘The key to success with BLOTTOBER is social media as all of your friends will be dying to know just how much alcohol you are drinking every day.’

‘The #BLOTTOBER hashtag is hugely useful for this, unless you are the special kind of moron who uses hashtags and then keeps all of your Facebook posts ‘friends only.’

We spoke to Jeremiah Spleen, a 31-year-old Digital Media Mediator and Social Media Guru from Leigh On Sea – he will be one of the first people to take part in BLOTTOBER.

He said: ‘My chosen cause will be the Jeremiah Spleen Foundation – this is a charity that is very close to my heart as all money raised is used to buy Instagram followers.’