Due to a technical error, Sky TV customers are going to be able to watch the entire fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather for free on Sky Channel 902.

The feed is already live on this channel, with industry sources confirming that bosses will be unable to fix the mistake until 9.30 on Sunday morning – the fight would have already finished by then.

Dan Gliballs spoke to Southend News Network a few minutes ago, and he confirmed that he ‘raging’ about the mistake.

He said: ‘I have already paid £20 to watch this, yet all of my mates have posted on Facebook to say that they are watching it for free on Channel 902 on Sky – it’s a disgrace.’

‘I will be writing to Sky first thing on Monday and demanding a refund.’

It is thought that the broadcasters could lose in excess of £500,000 because of the error due to the loss of impulse purchasers.

76 year old Roger Keith from Essex told our Chief Reporter that he was delighted to be able to watch the fight for free.

He added: ‘I’m watching the pre-fight entertainment at the moment and it’s fantastic. It’s going to be one hell of a fight – I reckon it will go the distance, or one of them will anyway.’

‘It’s a good thing that my wife has already gone to bed as this isn’t really her thing.’

Excited father of two Nigel Lafarge posted on Facebook: ‘Just going to wake my kids up now. No way on Earth that I am going to let them miss this – they can sleep tomorrow.’