Pier Sale

A few days ago, we reported that Southend Pier had been sold to a Chinese shipping company in order for it to be dismantled and scrapped, and this led to a number of rumours circulating about the role of Southend News Network in the sale. Therefore, we have decided to release this statement to clear up any misconceptions and ensure that the truth is known by all interested parties within Southend On Sea. First and foremost, both the Chief Reporter and the Chief Executive must make it perfectly clear that Southend News Network is no longer in a position to purchase Southend Pier from Southend Borough Council, however we can confirm that negotiations did reach the final stages during a series of meetings in January 2016.

As a result of these discussions, both informally and formally, a deal was ‘agreed in principle’ for Southend News Network to purchase Southend Pier for a price of £10m – a fee that would be payable in ten monthly instalments for reasons that are to remain undisclosed. In addition to the agreed purchase price, negotiators for Southend News Network also wanted to incorporate a number of contractual conditions for the sale, and unfortunately these could not be agreed upon by the deadline of 1st February 2016 which was the deadline that was set by both parties. As a result of this, Southend News Network formally withdrew from proceedings shortly before this date, and a rival consortium from Xi Ping Shipping stepped in to secure a deal. Naturally we wish them well for the future.

We would like to make the public fully aware of the sale conditions that were proposed by Southend News Network. First of all, we made it clear that paying ‘above market value’ would require Civic Centre to be officially renamed ‘SNN Towers.’ In addition to this, we submitted a formal request for our current council status of ‘Official Media Outlet’ to be extended to ‘Sole Media Outlet,’ and our final contractual demand was for the Chief Reporter to be given the role of Honorary Mayor of Southend. In reality, the role of ‘Honorary Mayor’ would not have any real power in the day-to-day running of the town, but the very existence of the Chief Reporter in this position would piss a lot of people off, and therefore the proposal was a desirable one. We regret that council officials were not able to meet any of these three negotiating points, and therefore our offer of £10m was withdrawn from proceedings. In reality, there was room for movement regarding the media status, but representatives on the other side gave our negotiators the impression that this would have been a fruitless exercise.

As far as Southend News Network is concerned, the matter is now closed, and once again we would like to congratulate Xi Ping Shipping on their investment.


  1. Why is it that councils of other towns are doing everything they can to improve their towns, and yet Southend council seems to be doing everything it can to destroy this town and take it completely off the map. First they get rid of the iconic air show which brought thousands to the town, now the longest pleasure pier which has stood for more years than I even remember, and something this town is actually famous for, has been sold off to be dismantaled. This council needs to stop lining its pockets and funding its office parties and tea and biscuit fund, get off their arse and make this town as great as what it used to be. Stop waiting for private developers to buy land and abandoned office buildings, and build homes themselves to combat their waiting lists, which never seem to go down as they don’t have enough properties, sort out the roads which are in a diabolical state of repair, (but we are still expected to pay road tax). Clean up problem areas with long lasting measures, seriously they have no idea what they are doing

  2. Following SNN’s leak of the abortive negotiations, can we look forward to a leak from Xi Wi, CEO of Xi Shipping?