Are landmines the solution to motorists parking legally in Southchurch?

A row has broken out in Southchurch after a group of local residents organised the installation of landmines that prevent users of Southend East station from parking legally outside their homes. As a result of the unauthorised road alterations in Rivieira Drive, local police are advising motorists to use neighbouring roads.

Local resident William Boomer, 48, is currently in charge of the ongoing campaign. ‘Although I do not have a driveway at home, I feel that I should have a legal right to park directly at my own kerbside. I don’t actually have a car at the moment and I have no intention of doing so in the future, but I pay my Council Tax and as such I should be able to look out of my lounge window and get an unobstructed view of tarmac.’

He added, ‘I understand that the regular explosions may cause some concern to residents, but these mines are also making the area safer for children that are crossing the road.’

When we pointed out to Mr. Boomer that road-legal motorists have a right the park wherever it is legal to do so, he replied, ‘I strongly support the right of drivers to park wherever it is legal, but I live close to Southend East station. When I bought this house three years ago, I had no idea that the train line and station would be directly opposite.’