Tourists and business owners have been full of praise for a ‘groundbreaking’ new scheme that launched in Southend today. The town centre and the seafront have introduced a new PAEDOPHILE ALERT SYSTEM that harnesses the power of social media to ensure that children remain safe and protected at all times, and according to local sources it has already been activated three times since it’s 9am launch. 

The system was created by local parent Michelle Slando, and she admits that she was inspired by the recent incident involving an alleged tourist/paedophile/axe murderer close to the fountains opposite the amusement arcades. She said: ‘I invented the Southend PAS because I am sick of tired of everyone saying that we overreacted to the people with cameras a few weeks ago. The system is incredibly simple and effective, and it allows people to report suspicious individuals without the need to inform the local police who have other things to do.’

She added: ‘If anyone is worried about someone out in a public area, all they need to do is download the Southend PAS App from the App Store on iOS or Android – we are thinking about a Windows Mobile version as well. Once they open it up, it links directly to a smartphone camera, and the individual’s photo is sent straight to our control room in Westcliff. We have arrangements with over 100 different Southend Facebook Buy and Sell groups, and within 60 seconds of an image coming in it will be broadcast to a combined user base of over 100,000 people. This will make as many parents as possible aware of a potential threat to their kids’ safety.’

We asked Ms Slando if there would be a danger of reports being turned into a ‘witch hunt’ for people are actually no threat to the safety of children. She laughed this off as ‘ridiculous’ and said: ‘I have always said that if you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about, and if anyone objects to our system they need to realise that we are only doing it for are kids.’


  1. Since being told about this by SNN I’ve bought the APP and made seventeen reports of possible paedophiles who arrived with children at a local play area. They then sat around in groups talking and watching these children play.