Don't let your love of chocolate liqueurs land you in prison this Christmas.

Although the start of the festive season fills a lot of people with dread, for one lady in Southend the arrival of cheap chocolate liqueurs in a local pound shop proved to be a dream come true. Eugenie Pilchard, 42, is alleged to have spent £100 on them in a single transaction, before eating the whole lot in a single sitting. Just an hour or so later, she was pulled over by cops near Kent Elms corner who noticed that she had been driving erratically, and a roadside breath test sample contained TEN TIMES the legal limit for alcohol consumption while driving.

The reading was confirmed with a blood test at Southend Police Station, with pathology reports indicating that the sample taken was also 43% Toblerone. Fortunately Ms Pilchard was stopped before she caused any injuries or damage to property, and she is due to appear at the local Magistrate’s Court before Christmas.

A spokesperson for the Southend Anti-Drink Driving Federation said, ‘As Christmas is approaching, people need to be aware that consuming more than ten kilos of chocolate liqueurs in one sitting could put you over the legal drink drive limit. In 2014, an invasion of cheap wine gums led to 23 cars being written off in Southend alone, and the less said about the pop-up Rum Truffle and Mobile Phone Case store on the High Street the better.’

He continued, ‘To try and reduce the level of chocolate liqueur related drink driving in Southend this Christmas, we are trialling a new ‘Designated Driver Chocolate Liqueur’ – these chocolates are filled with fondant that is left over from Cadbury Creme Eggs last easter, and during tests we found that an individual could eat more than 20 kilos of these treats in one sitting without it affecting their ability to drive.’