A self-declared ‘classical music genius’ from Southend has said that he has ‘no regrets’ about renaming a famous and well-known local orchestra in his own honour as an eternal tribute to his personal level of excellence. Jeremy Awe has been conductor of the Southend Orchestral Orchestra since 2004, and he has announced that the performers will now collectively be known as The Jeremy Awe Classical Music Orchestral Experience – Presented By Jeremy Awe. He admitted that while The Jeremy Awe Show was another option, he felt that his own final choice was the best possible tribute to his own years of dedication to being able to wave a little white stick around marginally better than everyone else who actually has to play an instrument.

Jeremy said: ‘We have been known as the Southend Orchestral Orchestra for many years, but a few weeks ago it dawned on me that there was a real danger that the orchestra would be remembered more than my conducting prowess and expertise. I put a motion forward at our AGM to have the orchestra renamed in my own honour, and it was agreed unanimously when I submitted the paperwork to the Charity Commission without anyone else realising until it was too late. I am aware of a few players who weren’t too happy with my decision, but it’s not like they can bugger off and form their own orchestra – most of our regular spectators are over 85 years old and would struggle to find another orchestra’s venue anyway.’

He added: ‘I am now looking forward to my very first performance as The Jeremy Awe Classical Music Orchestral Experience – Presented By Jeremy Awe. I will be leading the orchestra through a 90-minute collection of pieces by Verdi, Rossini, Mahler and Karachachachurion that look the most impressive with my style of stick-waving, and my nine-hour rehearsal last Sunday went very well in the end once I had the second violins playing to a level that I would accept. It really will be a treat for classical music lovers young and old to witness these masterpieces conducted by myself, and often I think that we would sell-out without an orchestra altogether!’


  1. He has got the wrong orchestra! If Jeremy Awe wants the best local talent he should check out Southend Symphony Orchestra. 15 th October at Hadleigh Salvation Army temple, though I don’t think Matt Andrews is ready to pass over his baton just yet…