A spokesperson for Southend Hospital has confirmed that the site is ready to reopen after Tuesday’s sperm bank leak. 

The entire premises had to be evacuated after an employee in the maternity ward noticed that a ‘concerning substance’ was leaking out into the main corridor area shortly after 10.45am. 

Their spokesperson Henry Batterman added: ‘We introduced a sperm bank to the maternity unit in 2015 as part of our mission statement to bring a variety of related services all under one roof, and we immediately updated our training content to ensure that all staff would be able to act accordingly in the event of a liquid leak.’

‘One of our employees noticed some fluid on the floor, and upon further investigation we traced the flow back to Tank 4 – this is a communal sperm storage silo that we use for clients who request our so-called ‘lucky dip’ service.’

‘The usual procedure would have been to clean up the mess and allow the rest of the hospital to carry on as normal, but the leak happened in an area where the floor is covered in vinyl – therefore the slip hazard from the thick liquid was too significant in our opinion.’

Nathan Wackov is the hospital’s lead clinician for clinical clinician clinics, and he told our Chief Reporter that patient safety ‘must come first.’

He added: ‘Regular liquid spills can be dealt with quickly, but the problem on this occasion was that it was a stubborn substance to remove with a simple sterile cloth.’

‘We are in talks with our pathological services department about moving the sperm bank off-site to avoid this happening again in the future.’

‘All of our regular donors have been contacted to request that they use an alternative facility while the tank is drained and cleaned.’