Shoppers at Lidl in Southend Parade have been expressing their surprise after the store started selling long-life Waitrose carrier bags for 10p each – each bag is printed with the store’s logo and various images of delicately-prepared food and smiling faces of their farmers and suppliers. According to the manager of the Southend Parade store, the Waitrose bags have already been selling well at the checkouts, and it is hoped that the bags will help to eliminate ‘supermarket shame’ completely in Southend by 2018.’

Manager Shaun De La Honte said: ‘The recession has hit a lot of people very hard, and a number of long-time Waitrose customers have now found themselves wandering around the aisles of Lidl and wondering how it all came to this. We welcome these people with open arms, and we are now delighted to be able to offer them Waitrose bags to put their Lidl groceries in for the journey home. If anyone from the tennis club bumps into them in the street, they won’t be any the wiser, and their dirty little secret will be safe until they get home and unpack. We send a member of staff to the nearest Waitrose store every morning to stock up on the bags, and word is now spreading that we are softening the blow of having to shop here.’

Leigh mum Madeleine De Noosh has only recently started shopping at Lidl after her arms dealer husband’s assets were frozen when his name was included in the Panama Papers tax haven scandal, and she is delighted about the service. She said: ‘My first trip to Lidl was a truly harrowing experience – I couldn’t believe that so many people were dressed in sportswear who clearly have no intention of doing any sport. I love being able to carry my shopping home in Waitrose bags as it gives me a feeling that I will return there one day once this all blows over, and I’ve even started talking to one of the checkout girls in there called Magda ….. or it might be Shaun ….. I’ll make sure to get their name next time I am in.’

A spokesperson for Waitrose said: ‘Lidl aren’t doing anything wrong here as we are legally-bound to sell our carrier bags to whoever comes in to buy them, whatever the quantity may be. We also would like to point out that we have a whole range of ‘Essentials’ items to make shopping at Waitrose affordable and accessible to anyone – even those who have recently had access to millions of pounds in ill-gotten funds withdrawn. We may even start selling Lidl bags to our own customers if there is a market for anyone who likes to admit that they are having a bit of rough.’


  1. This is a rip-off.

    I bought several of these Waitrose bags at Lidl who promptly charged my 5p to carry them out of the shop in a disposable Lidl plastic bag.