A lawyer acting on behalf of an unnamed radio presenter has confirmed that legal action to close down Southend News Network has been successful. 

The radio personality, whose identity has been protected by an injunction taken out earlier today, instigated legal proceedings due to an unspecified ‘source verification anomaly’ that is said to have taken place at an unspecified time over the last six weeks. 

Mervyn S Chmuk, a partner in Chmuk, Chmuk and Brass Solicitors, spoke to members of the press that had gathered outside the High Court in London this afternoon. 

He said: ‘At an undisclosed time in the last six weeks, our client, who wishes to remain anonymous, suffered from a source verification anomaly that was due in a significant part to the actions of Southend News Network.’

‘As a result, the board of Southend News Network was presented with a £5m settlement demand for damages, and their refusal to meet this figure meant that a motion to revoke the company’s Internet licence was upheld.’

‘We would like to make it known that Southend News Network had a duty to make it clear that every piece of content was made up, and they failed to meet this requirement.’

An appeal against the High Court’s decision has been launched in the Higher Court, after permission to appeal was granted by the Highest Court.