The gods of iTunes have confirmed that our Christmas Dartford Crossing piss-take DARTFORD TOLLS is now available to pre-order ahead of its official release on December 2nd.

The rude and the not-so-rude versions are priced at 99p each as a two-track album while it is on pre-order, and the songs will be available individually after they are released. 

Distributed through the Nub Music label, the two tracks featuring Annie Humphrey will also be downloadable on a number of other music store sites, and it will also be streamable through Spotify, Deezer and so on. 

The music video is also very nearly ready to go,  complete with an irate Frenchman and everything!

All proceeds from the song’s sales will be split between Shelter and the British Heart Foundation, and remember that every single download and stream is one more little ‘f**k you’ to the managers and owners of the ‘will be free by 2003’ Dartford Crossing.