£900 was raised today when one school held a SPONSORED JAYWALK.

A massive £900 has been raised for Children In Need after pupils and their parents from Southend Hill Primary School held a SPONSORED JAYWALK – more than 100 kids and adults took part in the event at 3pm today.

Everyone was carefully spread out to avoid pedestrian crossings and crossing patrol guards, and at the headteacher’s signal it was time for all parents to drag their kids into the road with absolutely no regard for passing traffic and the vehicle drivers who would have probably been significantly affected in the event of an accident. The neighbouring newsagent topped up the total to £1000 with proceeds from this afternoon’s sales of Milky Way bars and Coca-Cola.

Janice Frogmarch, 34, said that it was the perfect way to raise money for a very worthy cause with something that she would normally be doing anyway. She added, ‘This event raised a ton of money for people who really need it, and this was in addition to the £400 that the school raised with ‘voluntary’ donations for allowing kids to come in dressed in onesies. I bet we could raise twice as much next year by crossing the A127 at Prince Avenue.’

Another local school, St Primark’s in Bournes Green, also managed to raise £500 by having a School Uniform Day – every child was dressed in clothes of similar colours and styles with the same logo on them.