The clean up operation begins .....

Residents in Southend On Sea have been picking up the pieces after a night of ‘absolute devastation and rubble’ that was caused by the tail-end of Storm Barney. Eyewitnesses have been getting in touch with Southend News Network to let us know the true extent of the damage.

Nancy Barnet broke down in tears as she told our reporter about how her ‘immaculate hair’ was ruined by the unprecedented strong winds while walking home from Talk Nightclub in the town centre. She said, ‘I have appointments at my salon three times a week, and when I arrived this morning I was told that the wind damage was so severe that there was nothing that they could do. They had to shave it all off with a Bic razor and start again, not to mention the fact that seven of my nail extensions blew off and blinded a group of passing teenagers in Lucy Road. Now I know how they felt after Hurricane Katrina.’

Passengers at Rochford Station were greeted by an ‘unbelievable sight’ as a C2C train had been picked up by a strong gust of wind and blown over from Shoeburyness Depot. Moving the train back safely to the C2C route could cost more than £15m, and so it will remain ‘parked’ at Rochford while Greater Anglia bosses figure out what to do with a train that doesn’t resemble the inside of a cattle shed.

Fortunately, Hadleigh Castle managed to escape any of the carnage as it was carefully dismantled before the storm arrived in the same manner as Southend Pier before Hurricane Abigail. However, staff at the site mislaid the detailed plans and the layout drawings, and attempts to contact the original architect have so far been unsuccessful. It wasn’t all bad news for fans of local history and archaeology, with the winds uncovering soil in Priory Park to reveal the Saxon King’s pet dog Marlon.

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