A number of residents in Southend On Sea have decided to launch a petition after it was announced that a disused industrial site on the seafront is going to be the site of the United Kingdom’s largest adult movie studio complex.

According to a press release from Boo Kah-Khi, the CEO of the South Korean adult movie producer Hyungwell Inc, Southend’s new status as the 2017 Alternative Capital of Culture persuaded the company to choose the town as its new centre for European productions.

Mr Kah-Khi said: ‘We have been considering locations all over the United Kingdom for a number of months, including Hull, and when we heard that Southend On Sea had been given this prestigious title as the 2017 Alternative Capital of Culture, we knew that our business would be the perfect match for the bustling and creative South Essex economy.’

‘The area already has an exciting and ever-elongating pool of dramatic and theatrical talent, and we envisage being able to produce between ten and fifteen new features per week in the town. While around 80% of the scenes will essentially be shot ‘in-house,’ the remaining scenes will take place at sites all over the town.’

‘We have already been scouting around the pier and the town centre, and the large green areas in Westcliff close to Rossi’s provide the perfect combination of concealed tree cover and rolling grassy slopes.’

We asked Mr Kah-Khi for more information about the site located adjacent to the Premier Inn hotel and just a few moments from the Sea Life Adventure.

He said: ‘Think of it like a mini-Hollywood. The expansive site will be divided into six mini-studios – three of them will be entirely soundproofed. Also, we have only been able to secure planning permission for the development after committing to giving something back into the community.’

‘The focal point of the site will be the Hyungwell UK Centre of Excellence. We are already speaking to local education providers to arrange longlasting and mutually-beneficial partnerships that will provide inspiration to thousands of budding directors, producers and runners of the future.’

‘We hope to move into the complex in August 2019. Time is certainly of the essence in our situation as we have recently acquired the rights to a variety of new movie franchises including remakes of Night Of The Giving Head, Saturday Night Beaver and Oklahomo!’