Thanks to last-minute negotiations, Winter Gift Exchange of Peace displays will be found in classrooms all over Southend this December.


After weeks of discussions with local religious leaders and hysteria groups, a compromise has been reached after Christmas events were originally removed from the calendar in local primary and secondary schools. It will now be ‘business as usual’ in December, but the festival will be called the ‘Winter Gift Exchange of Peace.’

The original decision to cancel Christmas celebrations across all Southend schools was taken in September, after concerns were raised within the local department of education that one parent could potentially get offended and complain about the word itself. Although a Southend News Network poll showed that the word ‘Christmas’ didn’t offend a single person in 1000 that were interviewed, the risk of a complaint was deemed by chiefs to be ‘significantly and potentially possible.’

The element of ‘Peace’ has been added to the name to ensure that children learn that the whole festival is about more than commercialism, and Southend News Network has also seen an email showing that a number of local businesses have expressed an interest in sponsorship.

Daniella Thinkproxy, Commissioner For Education in Southend, explained the change to one of our reporters. She said, ‘Our guidelines for acceptable risk have been followed meticulously, and by renaming the festival ‘Winter Gift Exchange of Peace’ we are confident that we will not receive a single complaint.’

At the time of writing, 1247 complaints have been received.



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  1. Well, she is wrong .. no one objected out of 1,000 to the use of CHRISTMAS .. so why NOT use this non-offensive word then?

    Christmas is Christmas aftwer all.

    What does this lady now call Divali?

  2. I don’t see why it was changed from Midwinter in the first place. It was only to appease the religious fanatics, and ruined it for the rest of us.