Will suspending disabled spaces in all Southend supermarkets improve the customer experience as a whole?

All of the major supermarkets within the borough of Southend On Sea have confirmed that disabled spaces have been suspended until midnight on 31st December 2015 – this decision has been taken because of concerns over a lack of spaces in the run-up to the festive season.

A spokesperson for the major chains contacted Southend News Network to explain the decision, and he said, ‘More and more people are arriving at one of Southend’s major supermarkets, only to find that there are no spaces available. Even when they are lucky enough to find somewhere to park, the journey to the front of the store can take up to 90 seconds on foot, and this is beginning to have a significant effect on their overall customer experience with us. By suspending the disabled spaces that are closest to the front entrance of our branches, other customers will get the chance to experience these prime positions for the very first time, and we are confident that this will lead to even stronger sales performance before the end of 2015.’

Jayne Dorito, a busy working mother of three from Chalkwell, welcomed the temporary change in policy by the big names in Southend supermarket retail. She said, ‘The situation is getting out of hand as the bigger stores are getting packed before Christmas. I went shopping yesterday, and someone parked in one of the disabled spaces with their blue badge on display. However, I waited in my car and watched them get out of their vehicle, and they didn’t even walk funny or anything like that – why should they be allowed to park really close to the main entrance when I have three teenage kids to keep under control.’

In another late development, local government bosses have SENSATIONALLY confirmed that there are no plans in place to suspend regular disabled parking spaces in public areas. However, if the town’s supermarkets report an increase in takings for December in comparison to October and November, there is always the possibility of a review in the future.