Will you visit this very special cinema to see The Force Awakens two weeks before it is officially released?

Christmas will really be coming early for Star Wars fans in Essex. A Westcliff businessman has revealed that he is opening a pop-up cinema that will be screening THE FORCE AWAKENS a full two weeks before its official global release, and he is convinced that his business will attract Star Wars lovers from all over the world.

Justin Chu-Baqr, 42, has already secured premises for his pop-up cinema on London Road, and he explained his idea to a Southend News Network reporter.  He said, ‘I was on holiday in Thailand recently, and on the beach a local boy came up to me and offered me a special preview copy of The Force Awakens on DVD – it only cost me the equivalent of £4! That’s when I realised that people back home would pay good money to watch the film before December 17th, and so hardcore Star Wars fans can pay a fair price to come and see the hotly-anticipated blockbuster from December 3rd 2015. All of their friends will be incredibly jealous, and Disney won’t be able to challenge me legally as I have purchased the DVD from a legitimate licensed movie preview agent.’

He added, ‘I haven’t opened my copy of the preview DVD yet – I want the unwrapping to be a magical moment that I can enjoy in front of the very first paying customers on December 3rd. For the two-week run leading up to the official release day, all tickets are priced at £20 each.’

Derek Fridge, Southend Minister for Touristic Enterprise, feels that this pop-up cinema will be a huge boost to the town’s economy. He said, ‘People will arrive in Southend from across the globe to watch the new Star Wars film weeks before anyone else, and once the credits roll they can stay on and experience some of England’s greatest fine dining establishments and hotels – a great holiday destination it is!’

To buy tickets for one of these exclusive screenings, keep an eye out for one of Mr Chu-Baqr’s ticketing agents who will be trading on various prominent street corners around the town shortly.