A supermarket in Southend On Sea has been forced to move all pork products behind the counter with their tobacco after a number of customers complained about being offended by packs of bacon, gammon and pork steaks.

According to Gerald Lardon, the manager of KwikMart in Osbourne Road, Southend, more than 30 customers have complained in the last month after he decided to install a large fridge in his store to stock a variety of chilled pork items.

After two customers threatened to return to his store with baseball bats and trash the premises, he took the ‘difficult decision’ to only sell the products from a locked cabinet behind the counter.

He added: ‘I invested £5000 in a state of the art display and refrigeration unit to give my pork products the best possible exposure in the store, and the trouble started just 20 minutes after it was switched on.’

‘An agitated young man came in and screamed that he had just joined Weight Watchers and that he hadn’t had a decent BLT in more than a month, and apparently a huge and inviting selection of bacon was ‘incredibly insulting’ to him.’

‘I told him that he should have joined Slimming World as you can trim the fat off and count the bread as your Healthy Extra B, but he wouldn’t listen.’

‘It became clear a few days later that Weight Watchers had just opened a new club down the road as people kept coming in and telling me that the fatty meat was forbidden.’

‘Until then I had just assumed that the area had been taken over by vegan fundamentalists or something like that.’

‘Anyway it all came to a head when two very large gentlemen came in and started screaming at me and waving their hands about regarding the evils of pork, and they kept bashing some kind of book while they were shouting at me.’

‘Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be some sort of food planner.’