We are delighted to announce that our brand new FAKE NEWS GAME is now available to download on iPhone and iPad. 

Made in conjunction with Wall West, #mmmews brings together a number of different real and fake news sources to stretch your ‘bullsh*t detector’ to its limits. 

In #mmmews, constantly-updated news headlines flash across the screen and you have to decide if they are real or fake. 

It’s just like Tindr but without the casual hanky panky – swipe to the right if you think that it’s real, and swipe to the left if you think that it is fake. 

If you get enough correct answers, you could even rise to the rank of Chief Reporter!

Don’t forget to take a screenshot if you leapfrog ‘SNN Chief Reporter’ on the high score leaderboard. 

Head over to the App Store and download it now – we really want to hear your feedback. 

Drop us an email on newsdesk@southendnewsnetwork.com.